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Our team is so happy you found us!

We look forward to surpassing all your expectations!

Founded in 1997, our hospital specializes in Minimal Invasive Surgery (keyhole surgery) and is a partner in which you can trust. From our beginnings we have gained experience, and initial, modest operational figures have become impressive numbers. Our hospital offers the latest from the field of medicine, explains diseases and therapies in a clear language, provides you with information on current research findings on prevention, and informs you of all the latest news from MIC. When it comes to your well-being and your lifestyle we dispel all of the myths and rumours. It is our objective and commitment to be your Number One address in all matters concerning your health. 

MIC News (German)

04 06 2018

Heiss, heisser…. die Sonne bleibt! Vorhersage für Morgen, den 05. uni 2018
  Dienstag, den 05. Juni 2018     27° / 15° Es werden Höchsttemperaturen von 27° (gefühlt: 26°) und mäßiger Wind (20 km/h) aus ... ... mehr

03 01 2018

Wir suchen zum 01.04.2018 eine/n Mitarbeiter/in im Logistik-Center (Patientenaufnahme) der Klinik.
Wir wünschen uns: eine medizinische Ausbildung (Arzthelfer/in, MTA, Krankenschwester/ – pfleger, o.Ä.) umfassende IT-Kenntnisse und die Fähigkeit mit allen ... ... mehr

A first-class hospital

No matter if you come to our hospital as a patient or a visitor, you can expect that all of our staff – doctors, trainees and temporary personnel - are working tirelessly around the clock to ensure you get the best possible treatment in a safe and pleasant environment. 

As one of Germany’s top addresses when it comes, for example, to patient satisfaction, we offer state-of-the-art, technologically-based quality und patient-directed services.

A wide range of skills

Our Centres

Our Centres are subject to continuous external quality controls.

Each Centre is managed by a motivated team and experienced surgeons. You can find out more about the range of services and methods of treatment on the Centres’ own pages. 

Center for Preventive Care


Ayurveda, Prevention, MIC Lounge



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Klinik für MIC
Kurstraße 11
14129 Berlin-Zehlendorf Germany

Tel.: 030 809 88 - 155
Fax: 030 809 88 - 188
Email: klinik@mic-berlin.de
Internet: www.mic-berlin.de


Stephanie Lipps

Telefon: 030 809 88 - 330
Email: s.lipps@mic-berlin.de

How to find us

If you take the bus:
Bus number 112 from Nikolassee railway station

Direction: Marienfelde

Bus stop: Krankenhaus Hubertus (Hubertus Hospital)

Then a three-minute walk through the Hubertus Krankenhaus. 

Bus number 118 from Zehlendorf railway station

Direction: Steinstücken

Bus stop: Spanische Allee/Potsdammer Chausee

Then a three-minute walk to Kurstraße 

If you take the urban railway:
To Schlachtensee station

Then a fifteen-minute walk along the Breisgauer Strasse

If you take the motorway:

Leave the motorway at exit Spanische Allee